Terrific Tuesday’s! Studio set ups for the littles

It’s Tuesday, and well the week just got started! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for Sunday to roll around and hit me like a bag of bricks! Because I’m heading into another crazy week fun of juggling kids, cleaning, and working!

Today I wanted to talk to you about studio sessions and how much fun they are! From a cake smash, maternity, or child milestone sessions these are perfect for anytime of year, but GREAT for the winter months.

You might not know what goes into a studio session. Or a studio! If you’re reading this and I’ve photographed you before you have visited me at my home in Cherry Hill NJ. I took your pictures right in my living room. It’s not an ideal set up, but it works and I have everything I need for your session right in my home. You would never know that my basement is full of paper rolls, storage containers of props, light stands, more props, a ton of holiday stuff, kids chairs, and just a ton of stuff my husband can’t stand looking at!

So back to studio sessions!!! They are fun laid back totally chill and all about you, your child, or family. When I hold studio sessions I ensure that my subjects are lit , posed correctly, and the most important thing, they are comfortable! I love shooting cake smashes. They are probably one of my favorites to do! I love to be creative. So when a mom comes to me and says “Hey I want a violet theme session because my daughters name is VIOLET” I give said mom a violet themed session! AND ROCKED IT! Winter ONEderland theme? Frosted pumpkin theme? What about red rose theme? You name it I’ll come up with a KICK ASS idea! That’s not from PINTEREST! Yup you heard me. I don’t look at Pinterest for my ideas. I will only pull color story blocks from Pinterest as inspiration for my clients.

Studio sessions are offered throughout the week in my home studio located in Cherry Hill NJ. Don’t worry I’ll take good care of you and even give you a viewing session before you leave!

Enjoy some awesome sessions I’ve done over the past few years! Don’t forget to contact me for your next studio session!

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