The Most Magical Time of Year!

As a child I grew up spending Christmas Eve attending midnight mass at my Bubba’s with my family. It was a magical time. My cousins, aunts, uncles, my brothers, Bing Crosby vinyl playing,and all of us kids running from the kitchen to the living room making snowman on the windows. It was a happy time , we would exchange gifts eat good Polish food and attend midnight mass then head home to wait for Santa. See growing up I don’t recall going to visit Santa at the mall. Honestly it was the 80’s, was that even a thing? It wasn’t until a few years ago that going to visit Santa in the mall took a toll on my family. I mean, I have a 5 year old and 9 year old and the last time we went to visit Santa at the mall was when my daughter was two! That was three years ago. It wasn’t magical so to say!

Things have changed. Families don’t want to wait in long lines for 2 minutes of “Santa” time. They want an experience! A fun interactive session that includes more time with Santa. Myself included! So I’ve brought Santa to the studio! This isn’t a Santa with a fake beard. This is Santa Ron. He is a local Santa based out of Marlton NJ. I hope that you will join me on November 17th, in Burlington NJ for a fun filled Santa Experience!

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