Business Branding What to Wear.

Business Branding What to wear.

Business branding what to wear is a question I get asked often. When it comes to your branding style you want to think about a few things.

  1. How do you want to represent your brand?
  2. Do you want your session to take place in your home? Your office? Coffee shop, Or maybe your friend has a KILLER kitchen and you just HAVE to use it!
  3. Or maybe a studio setting?
  4. Be you! Focus on YOUR style. Not what society thinks or says you should dress. Just be you!
  5. Get your hair and makeup done. Make sure your look is polished and speaks to you!

I’ve put together this easy peasy branding how to blog so you can navigate to styles that might fit you! Feel free to click on the links and check them

What color palette makeup should I wear?

If you’re anything like me, I do not like getting my photo taken! I’m super pale with light eyes and dark hair. I feel like a ghost in photos! Make sure you choose colors that highlight your features. For me I have super blue eyes. So I would use a brown eye palette and a medium lip color. Check out these awesome images from Pinterest that can help with your makeup choice!

Now that your makeup is taken care of. Lets talk about what to wear!

You want to promote your business and people need to know who you are. Lets capture your fun, energetic, and polished side! It is so important that your future clients see you, and your personality. For me the way I dress makes my personality shine, and I feel good all spiffed up! So I will go for a skinny jean, silk blouse and a blazer, with a nice heel! Feel free to click on the links below for these amazing retailers if you think you need to update your look! I hope you get useful information for this Business branding what to wear guide!

Check out these links to some of my favorite stores!

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My good friend Nat came to visit me in November to get her headshots done!

Just remember be you! Have fun and SMILE!

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