Finding the sliver lining in a pandemic

Finding the silver lining during a pandemic.

Finding The Silver Lining during a pandemic..

Finding the silver lining during a pandemic can be challenging. Currently we New Jerseyans have been on a stay at home order for FIVE, yes 5 weeks now. Schools have been closed since March 13th and home bound school has taken over. I get text messages from my friends asking “how are you holding up today”? Well I’ll tell you how I’m holding up. I’m alive, my husband has his job, and my kids, well they are getting on my last nerve.

Keep them alive, and keep your family safe.

Well ok.

Yes I need to keep my two kids, husband, and dog alive. But I also need to keep myself sane. I can not work right now, because I’m a non-essential employee. Let’s be honest no one is booking photography sessions right now. All of the beautiful spring blooms, lush greens, pinks, yellows, and don’t even get me started on all of these AMAZING SUNSETS! All missed! My kids haven’t left the house since March 16th. They don’t ask to go anywhere, and honestly they haven’t asked many questions about why they can’t leave the house. They just know, they can’t go to school, can’t play with their friends, and can’t see family right now.

Finding a sliver lining during a pandemic. Side by side photos. Sibling eye photos.
3 years and 11 months and 25 days apart.

It’s okay to cry.

I’ve always been know to have a hard exterior. I very rarely show emotion and when I do look out. It’s funny to joke about how my kids are driving me up a wall, and how I wish they would be back in school. But lets face it that’s not happening anytime soon. So I’ve cried for my kids. I’ve cried knowing that my baby girl only got to experience kindergarten for 6 months. That my 3rd grader hasn’t seen any of his friends since March 10th. I miss my kids school and the amazing teachers. I’ve cried for my husband whose working 12 hour days with a limited staff. I cry because I miss my mom and I wasn’t even able to hug her for my birthday back in March. And most of all I cry because I can’t work. I can’t capture new babies, cake smashes, weddings, families, and boudoir. I can’t even get into my studio to set it up. So where’s the silver lining in that?

Sunset between trees in Cherry Hill NJ.
Will you look at that sunset! This is what I see every damn night!

I try and keep a routine.

I said I try.

We are up and ready to start our day by 8:30 am. I feel like now more than ever I’m not rushed in the morning with the kids. With doing school work via google classroom we can log on at anytime and start school. So it’s nice. Over the past four weeks we’ve started to bike ride more as a family. I’ve made dinner every night since March 17th, except two nights. Those two nights I ordered pizza. Sorry not sorry. I love to cook but I’m tired. The routine is, get up, feed the kids, make lunch for the husband, do school work, feed the animals lunch, finish school work, play out side, make dinner, shower the animals, put them to bed, and THEN I have me time. Just enough alone time for my husband to get home and chat with him for 20 minutes and off to bed he goes. I’ve been doing this same routine for FIVE weeks. HOLY HELL. So I guess there is a little bit of the silver lining there right?

 Home schooling, Google classroom. Kids learning at home.
Number bonds are all the craze these days…

I’ve been talking on the phone.


Facetime, zoom, Houseparty. You name it, I’ve been doing it. Happy hour has a whole new meaning. On Fridays we start happy hour at noon! I’ve always been a talker, I love to talk and I talk loud! I was asked this week by my friends daughter why I talk so loud. I think maybe my hearing is going? If you look at my phone log I’m pretty sure I logged at least 360 hours talking with just one person over the past 5 weeks. Talking on the phone or face timing with friends is great. I love to see my other hot mess moms in all of their glory! So that’s finding the silver lining during a pandemic right? Maybe a little part of it?

Finding the sliver lining during a pandemic. Girl with unicorn cup.  Wine in cup, Cherry Hill photographer.
Getting ready to house party with my ladies!

Staying positive.

This to shall pass.

I’ll admit it’s really hard to stay positive when every time I log onto a social media platform I get knocked down. I need to look at the bright side. I’m home with my kids. My two little people that irritate the hell out of me 99.9% of the time. However, think about it. When are you going to get that time back with them? Yes your working from home, and it sucks. But your with your kids. Bosses will understand, they can’t control whats going on. We are suffering from a PANDEMIC! So find that silver lining. Enjoy those little moments with your kids, your husband, wife, boyfriends, girlfriend, partner, and your PETS! Just know that finding the silver lining during a pandemic can happen, you just need to look a little harder.

Wanna support?

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Lots of love peeps. I hope to see you on the flip side!

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