One for One Gratitude Sessions with The Creative Shutter Photography

The Creative Shutter is offering “One for One Gratitude Sessions” for essential workers.

It’s been four weeks of quarantine.Four weeks of doing school work with my kids at home trying to keep it together. Four weeks of my husband working 12 hour days. It’s been four + weeks of essential workers leaving their homes during the pandemic. Inspired by Anastasia Chomlack from I am honored to announce that One for One Gratitude Sessions with The Creative Shutter Photography will be offered until April 30th.

Join me in supporting an essential worker!

Why you ask?

As a wife to an essential worker I know it’s hard out there. It’s not only hard on the worker, but it’s hard on the family. I am so grateful that my husband is still working, trust me I don’t give him crap after working a 12 hour day! However once he gets home he gets the Lysol spray from head to toe! In my community there are so many people just like my husband that are leaving their homes to help people, stocking the grocery store shelves, doctors, nurses, police, fire, drug store operators, restaurants offering To-Go or delivery, and so many more essential workers. You are all helping us, the people of Southern New Jersey and beyond.

I am grateful for you.

I’m grateful because people are sacrificing their own time and family to help out mine and yours.

Thank you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I know we will bounce back as a community and as a nation.

I know that we have all found this “new” stay at home life to be frustrating, overwhelming, and just exhausting. Don’t get me started on “homeschooling” that is going on right now. I’m dealing with that new normal with two kids under 10. However we are in this together. In this spirit, and hoping to encourage others to do what they reasonably can too, I’m offering one-for-one local family sessions. If you’ve been appreciating your family like I have lately and feel able to invest in a family photo session at this time, please do!

All local family sessions booked between now and the 30th of April will purchase an additional photo session for an essential front line worker of your choice and their family. And if you’re not in a position to invest at the moment, but would love to be a part of giving back, please go online and nominate an essential worker that you’d like to see receive a complimentary family photo session. I know….this will eventually pass and we will be gathered together again. Until then, in this time of grief and fear, please keep cheering each other on. Your love and resilience are powerful. *All photo sessions to take place (of course!) when physical social distancing guidelines have been lifted.

One for One Gratitude Sessions with The Creative Shutter Photography is a perfect way to say thank you to ALL essential workers in the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia suburbs!

Click here to nominate or book a future session.

*If you are a photographer who is interested in participating please head to to get all of the information.

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