Class of 2020 Cherry Hill NJ Seniors

Senior Class of 2020 Cherry Hill NJ

It’s September and you’re entering your senior year of high school. You are the Senior Class of 2020 Cherry Hill NJ, a class that has experienced so many changes over the past four years. What happened since you were a freshman in high school? Check out some highlights below!

Senior class of 2020 Cherry Hill NJ

So what happened over four years?


Hurricane Harvey: The Category 4 hurricane swept through Texas and Louisiana causing $125 billion in damage and killing more than 100 people.

#MeToo: Actress and activist Alyssa Milano creats a whirlwind with a single Tweet, bringing unprecedented attention to sexual harassment and assault.


Oil Slump: After reaching a four-year high of more than $75 per barrel in October 2018, the price dropps to under $55 in November, a 13-month low.

U.S. First in Crude Oil Production: The Energy Information Administration (EIA) announces in September 2018 that America moved into first place globally over the summer.

U.S. Begins Exporting Oil: For the first time in 75 years, the U.S. is a net oil exporter.  

EDII: The Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index™ (EDII™), which examines the state of inclusion across the energy sector and was the first-ever of its kind, is released by Experience Energy.

Record-Breaking Energy Consumption: Consumption in the U.S. hit 101.3 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) in 2018, 0.3% above the previous record set in 2007 and 4% higher than in 2017.


OK so much happened in 2019. You just gotta click the link from the 2019 Event- History.


Well where the heck do be begin? 2020 was going to be the year! The year of new things, dreams, goals, and a fresh start. Senior class of 2020 knew what colleges they would be attending in the fall of 2020, and freshmen in college thought they would be having the time of their lives. Senior class of 2020 you had it in the BAG! For a full list of what happened so far in 2020 check out Wikipedia’s up to date info!

Well that’s what we all thought.

January 30 – COVID-19 pandemic: The World Health Organization (WHO) declares the outbreak of the disease as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the sixth time that this measure has been invoked since 2009.[24][25][26]

COVID hit.

No one thought it was that serious. We went about out business until March 16th. Almost every state was put on stay at home orders within a week. Work from home they said, only essential workers may leave the house, spray down your groceries, don’t leave your house, flatten the curve. Stay home, don’t attend school.

Don’t attend school.

Americans had no idea what to expect, and if you weren’t a front line worker working in the ER, or on a hospital floor you only got what the news stations reported. Grocery stores were empty, toilet paper gone. The demand for fresh produce, red meat, and chicken was so high that distributors couldn’t keep up. NO ONE knew how long this would last, or if they would get affected by the virus.

But we learned how to cope.

Stay home orders in NJ were extend for what seemed like forever. Parents were home schooling their kids the best they could while they also work from home. Small business suffered and all the plans for the spring were cancelled.

Graduations, cancelled.

What were they going to do? No one knew that the stay at home order would still be in place in June. What would happen with graduations for the senior class of 2020? Zoom and Google meets were the new thing. Could we really have a virtual graduation via ZOOM? What are we thinking? We HAVE to give this senior class of 2020 something to hold on to. What about their project graduations? Prom? They missed out on so much. Senior class of 2020 Cherry Hill NJ there is hope for you.


The community pulled together for this class. They rallied and planned clap outs, parades, and so much more for these kids. As a Cherry Hill resident I wanted to give back to the senior class of 2020 by doing a fundraiser for their project graduation. So I offered up my amazing talent and photographed a few kids and donated over $400.00 to Cherry Hill West High School and Cherry Hill East High Schools project graduation. Believe me when I say these kids and parents are more than grateful to get a good picture of their seniors! So, today June 16th, 2020 marks Cherry Hill West and East’s Virtual graduation ceremony, where they take their tassels from the right to the left side of their caps. To watch this amazing ceremony click here! Congratulations to the senior class of 2020 Cherry Hill! I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Here’s to you Senior Class of 2020!

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