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Steps to a successful Family Beach Photo

Looking Amazing on the beach with your family

What goes through your mind with you think of these three words, BEACH, PHOTOS, and FAMILY? I know your thinking some key phrases (sand, fussing kids, more sand, wind, and the heat). This article will be to put your mind at ease for your next beach family photoshoot. Following these steps will gear you up for the most successful Beach photo shoot with your family.

Avalon beach session

The preperations

How you can prepare for your beach photo session with your kids.

I know anything with kids involved can go one of two ways, really great or beyond overwhelmimg. Beaches have always been my favorite place to photograph babies, children and families due to my love for negative space, the way the light reflects upon the water, sand and a clean, blank canvas. Beaches provide timelessness in fine-art portraiture.

What do you wear for a family portrait on the beach

Pops of color! Pastel pinks, yellows and blues all look gorgeous on camera. You will want to stay away from busy patterns, and don’t try to “match” family outfits. That can be stressful finding the same exact outfit for every member of your family, lets take a stress free approach, rather then matching, try to coordinate. Check out some family outfit ideas on our pintrest board.

Avalon family beach session, The creative shutter LLC

Seersucker blues and yellows also look super cute for little boys, Janie and Jack has some great finds and really cute pairs of jon-jons! A nautical-look is always a classic and stylish, seeing little girls in a cute sailboat or lobster seersucker bubble, smock or dress is absolutly adorable (one of my favorite looks). Monogrammed clothing is especially sweet, like a timeless bonnet tunic or by Bella Bliss can give a classic and stylish look. 

Now For a more traditional look, white is always simple and timeless. With the sand being so neutral and white, especially along some sand dunes, wearing clothing that stands out and is colorful is always the best option. Wearing white can still be incorporated, for example, if mom wants to wear some classic white pants to her beach family photo session, my sugestion would be to top it off with a blue or pink khaki blouse or a pastel-colored light sweater!


The Best Times to Photograph your family at the Beach

The most important thing when planning a family beach portrait session is the timing. Beach photo shoots rely on the natural light, more than any other location. There are two times of day that work best, sunrise , and 30 minutes prior to sunset. This is because there is no open shade on the beach, and harsh contrast leads to dark lines and shadows on the faces, which do not look best on camera.

Babies and your Family Beach Session 

In the summer, sunset is typically at 8:30 P.M., sunrise is as early as 6:00 A.M. This can be difficult with little ones typically going to sleep before 8 o’clock at night. My suggestion? Plan on setting proper nap and activity schedules for the day of your shoot. If second or third naps are required for your little one to not to be in a fussy mood. Let’s do it! Keep your day relaxed and open, and don’t overschedule your activities that way we don’t have your babies overtired!

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Minimizing distractions during your family photos

Minimizing distractions with sand can be as simple as bringing a blanket or quilt! We are creating a barrier. With family photos, the goal is to capture the lifestyle, playful moments of your child’s life, it’s also to have them looking up so I can photograph their beautiful eyes and facial expressions! To keep their attention on me, you may want to plan to bring along a special item that is important to your family like your grandmother’s quilt or a simple easy-to-carry rocking chair, basket, wooden chair. Silly right, but it will add a ton of personalization to your session, as well as to keep your children at eye-level. 

Contact information

While this artical can be used as a tool to assist you with getting ready for your beach session, you may still have a ton of questions. I am here to answer those questions you may have.

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